Puppy Training

Puppy Program

The Puppy Programs are done 1-1 with you and your dog. It is bespoke to your needs and done at your home/local area.

Start from 8 weeks

We can start from the day you bring your pup home, and do not need to wait for vaccinations etc. for the initial sessions.

Limited Availability

Sessions do book up in advance, so we advise booking as early as possible, to avoid missing out!

Help to deal with

Puppy Biting

Toilet Training

Seperation Anxiety

Walking on Lead



Sit, stay, etc

Anything else

These areas are included but not limited. If you don’t need help on certain sections, we can use the time to focus on where you do need help!

Puppy training is suitable for dogs 9 months and under, for older dogs look at our packages of behavioural consultations.

Payment plans are available for all packages – Just enquire and we will explain how to use them!

Book your puppy program today

Follow the link to get yourself booked in for the five session program!

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